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HDMI to HDMI Lead - Micro D to A Straight Plug 1.4

HDMI to HDMI Lead - Micro D to A Straight Plug 1.4
HDMI to HDMI Lead - Micro D to A Straight Plug 1.4 HDMI to HDMI Lead - Micro D to A Straight Plug 1.4
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This High-Definition Multimedia Interface lead is produced using 30 Gauge shielded multi twisted-pair cable with high purity Oxygen Free Copper conductors. It incorporates 19 conductor shielded digital video cable structure. Each conductor is insulated with HDPE (high density polyethylene) or FMPE (foamed polyethylene) dielectric materials and wrapped in aluminium bonded foil to provide extra shield.  

High density foaming leads to lower attenuation and impurities in foam due to use of inert Nitrogen (N2) gas, which also helps to provide maximum signal strength, even over longer runs. High-density nitrogen gas injected foam resists deformation when bent or twisted and can provide improved impedance matching to the electrical current passing through the cable with minimum data loss.

High density triple shielded tinned copper/outer conductor runs over extra aluminium bonded foil shielding and provides excellent conductivity between chassis of interfacing equipment. Durable solid PVC moulded connector shells , 24K Gold plated connectors/pins together with silver bonded pure copper contacts ensure sturdy interconnection between equipment I/O and flawless signal transfer. Heavy duty 5.5 mm triple layer moulded PVC overall jacket adds extra durability and longevity as well as remaining extremely flexible.  

This cable is suitable for interconnection of digital devices (I/O) with High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). Commonly used in consumer and pro equipment such as DVD/BLU RAY / HDD players/recorders, Computers/HTPC, HD/3D TV Monitors, Digital cameras, Video game consoles, Satellite receivers and other equipment with HDMI I/O. Our High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable could help you achieve the best high definition digital video images possible as well as 3D and Ethernet over HDMI.

  • Cable Lengths: 1.5 Metres, Weight: 70 g, Package Dimensions: L-190 X W-170 X H-12 mm


This cable is available in 1.5 metre length only and supplied in a sealed clear poly bag.

  • High speed HDMI cable with Ethernet and 3D


  • Audio Return Channel for Digital Theatre Systems


  • High Speed HDMI for extreme display performance


  • Ethernet channel for Internet Sharing, WEB-TV and BD-Live


  • Extremely  Low  Signal  Loss and Maximum Data Transfer


  • Maximum signal strength, excellent impedance and minimum signal loss


  • Excellent rejection of EMI and RFI and adequate equipment grounding


  • Heavy duty connectors built for best conductivity


  • Superior signal strength and better impedance matching


  • Flexible and Extremely Durable construction


  • Ideal for use in home cinema and CCTV applications
  •   Compatibility: HDMI Version up to 1.4a - 1080p/ Up to 4K by 2K/3D/ Ethernet /Audio


  •   HDMI Version: 1.4a supports Ethernet over HDMI (HEC),  3D Format , Audio RTN Channel


  •   HDMI Max Resolution: 4096×2160 at 24 Hz and 3840×2160 (Ultra HD) at 24 Hz/25 Hz/30 Hz


  •   3D Max Resolution: 720p50 and 1080p24 or 720p60 and 1080p24


  •   Audio Compatibility: Supports HD Dolby 7.1 and DTS-HD Master Audio


  •   HDMI Devices Internet Sharing : HDCP Compliant Ethernet Channel


  •   Max Transfer Rates: HDMI 10.2 Gb/s @ 340Mhz bandwidth


  •   Conductor Material: 30AWG Silver soldered high purity oxygen free stranded copper wire


  •   Outer Conductor: Triple shielded tinned copper braid


  •   Connector Shell: PVC Moulded with strain relief


  •   Connector: 24 K Gold plated metal


  •   Contacts: Silver bonded 24 K gold plated copper


  •   Dielectric: Nitrogen (N2)  Gas - injected


  •   Jacket Material: 5.5 mm Triple layer PVC sleeve


  •   Application: Indoor


  •   Conductor resistance: 357Ω/km


  •   Insulation resistance: 10MΩ min. (km)


  •   Dielectric Strength: 300V AC / minute


  •   Flame Resistance Test: UL VW-1


  •   Working Temperature: from  -20°C  to  +75°C


  •   RoHs Compliant
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